Magical sanctuary of Italian architecture, Venice, is one of the most famous touristic attractions in the country. Countless travellers plan their journey to this city on the water, but not many know hidden attractions of this destination. In this article, you will find suggestions on popular and well-hidden sites in the location.




Haunted Attractions

Venice incorporates the mysterious aspect in its tourism and there are several opportunities to sense abstruseness. Palazzo Dario is a floral Venetian Gothic palace on Grand Canal. Claude Monet even portrayed Palace in one of his paintings. However, the main reason why we suggest you to visit it is because the palace is considered to be haunted. Locals believe that it kills or ruins all of its owners and anybody who has something to do with it.

For additional hidden gems of Venetian mystery, we would strongly advise visiting Casino’ Degli Spiriti (Casino of the spirits), also known as the house of souls. It is a meeting place for restless spirits, whereas the most famous ghost is Luzzo, 16th-century painter. There are a lot of stories about religious sects that came there to invoke spirits and demons. Currently, two religious institutions divide it, but it is possible to visit the garden.




If you are looking for some adrenaline, Povegli Island is one of the terrifying locations among locals throughout the Italy. According to the legend, during the ‘Black Death’ period this island was used as a place to isolate plague victims, who were brought here and buried, burned or left to die. A few centuries later, the doctor decided to build a psychiatric hospital. Those, who visit the island admit hearing agonising screams and cries. Therefore, visitors are not allowed on the island without a permission. Fishermen do not even approach its shores because they are scared of a possible curse.

Lastly, if you would have some spare time in the city centre, take a walk to the Palazzo Mastelli. There is an old story about three very rich merchants Rioba, Afani and Sandi, who tried to sell a poor quality fabric to a Venetian lady for a very high price. After discovering the fraud, she cursed the money that she gave them. After touching it, three criminals  turned into statues. Today, you can admire the statues right in the square behind the palace.





Venice is one of the rare locations, where we would strongly advise you to take one of the tours. For instance, you might choose a simple Venice tour around the most iconic and historical locations, but you could also try a romantic tour by night. It is hard to find an activity more romantic, than a trip on the gondola with your beloved one around the city canals beautifully enlightened by the Venetian homes. As you have realised, Venice is a perplexed city and you can find thrilling opportunities of mystery tours. Such mystery tours are a clever opportunity to experience different haunted gems.




Visiting Local Island

A small island in the Venetian lagoon, San Lazzaro Degli Armeni, is a home for Mechitarist Order. It is one of the world’s prominent centres of Armenian culture, as well as Armenian studies. Over the centuries, it attracted many famous writers, politicians, artists and religious. It is also a very popular travellers attraction and a good location for exploring fascinating nearby sites of the lagoon.


San Lazzaro degli Armeni est une petite île de la lagune de Venise, très proche du Lido. Elle est occupé par un monastère de l'ordre des Mékhitaristes depuis 1717. Le monastère comprend une bibliothèque de 200.000 volumes et manuscrits, un musée, une église, un cloître, des jardins et des divers bâtiments. En aout 2007, une oeuvre de J. Kosuth, appelée le langague de l'équilibre était présentée sur les murs du monastère dans le cadre de la Biennale des arts visuels. voir aussi le site sur les diasporas arméniennes


Sacral Sites Of Venice

Italy is a cultural hub of Catholic Church and Rome is definitely not the only city in this Mediterranean country to admire sacral cultural locations. In Epicwander we suggest you to visit Church of San Giacomo di Rialto. It is traditionally considered to be the oldest church in Venice; some even say that it was constructed in 421; however, it was partially rebuilt in the following centuries. Church is mostly famous for a huge 15th-century clock above the entrance. Yet it is also an object of jokes among locals, due to its inaccuracy.




Ducal Palace

Doge’s Palace is aligned along the lagoon of Venice and is immediately noticeable from a boat arriving at the shore. This gorgeous palace built in the Gothic style was once a residence of the Dodge of Venice, whereas in 1923 it opened its doors as a museum. Secret itinerary through the palace covers the rooms and chambers, where work of some of the most important bodies in the Venetian administration was carried out. They offer an interesting insight into the civil and political history of the Venice Republic. Make sure to dedicate more time to this location. You wil run out of headphone sets battery sooner than you will experience everything that the venue has to offer.




Lo Squero di San Trovaso

Venice is a city of gondolas and you can find them everywhere around the lagoon. Nevertheless, there is a small 17th-century boatyard just a few hundred yards down a canal from the Gallerie dell’Accademia. Not many travellers know about this location, which guarantees an authentic local atmosphere for your visit.




Market Area

It is impossible to exclude Rialto Bridge from your Venice itinerary, as it is one of the most iconic locations of the Italian canal hub. Apart from being an amazing photographic site for capturing everything that is Italian, you can also discover a local market on the bank of a bridge. The market is open every day, except Sundays and Venetian citizens frequently visit it, which means that you will shop like a local there. In fact, many typical trattorias and osterias serve high quality, fresh local wine and food around the market area.




Casino’ Venier

In Venice’s heydays of the 18th century, there were more than 100 casinos located all over the city. They were not simply gambling locations, but entire venues of entertainment and debauchery for the richest to enjoy. Casino’ Venier remains to be the best secret of the city. Casino’ building offers alluring interior of frescoes, mirrors, marble floor, ornate fireplaces and stuccos. Since 1987 it has been a headquarters of the Italian-French association ‘Alliance Française’. However, visiting it will still remind you of Venice heyday times.




Italian Traditions

We all admire Venice for original local masks. These original artistic pieces are a blend of mystery, craftsmanship and tradition that has been captivating travellers for centuries. For instance, many travel to Venice in particular for the famous carnival that takes place annually throughout many decades and gives an opportunity to wear astonishing handcrafted masks. They became such an important part of Venetian culture that mask-makers became some of the most important people in the city.




Additionally, Venice is famous for Merletti craft. Merletti is a tradition of Italian laces that families pass from one generation to another and it originates in Venice. In particular, tradition originates from a local island of Burano. Apart from many small family stores, after some shopping, you can simply take a walk around the island, because it is famous for its beautiful colourful architecture.





With so many delicious venues around the city, we realise that it might be hard to choose the one, where to experience best that Italian cuisine has to offer. At Epicwander we think that restaurant ‘Castelletto’ in the ‘Carampane’ district is one of the venues that definitely will not disappoint you. Additionally, we are sure that osteria ‘Bea Vita’ can offer some good food choices. If you have already experienced these two venues and would like an additional location that will offer high-quality Italian cuisine in the heart of Venice, cantina ‘Do Spade’ is a place to go to.




Countless dishes to try while in Italy, we think that there are few that you should focus on in Venice. For the main course, we would advise Fegato Alla Veneziana based on the liver with onions and vinegar. Also, for pasta lovers, we would recommend ordering a plate of spaghetti with fresh fish or famous pasta e fagioli. After choosing your perfect main course, take a romantic walk to Rialto Bridge and look for Frittelle or Crostoli. They are famous local desserts that will make a perfect snack for experiencing mysterious Venice.




Venice is a beautiful Italian gem of mystery, romance and craftsmanship. A trip to the Venetian lagoon will leave an unforgettable impression. We hope that these tips will introduce you the city from local’s perspective not known for regular travellers.



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