Autonomous Italian island of Sardinia offers its visitors a range of seductive beaches ready to be explored. Either you look for a crystal clear water, unique history or perfect sand, at Epicwander our Italians created 10 tips that you should definitely look into.





Sardinian Beach Caves

The beach of Cala Mariolu, located in the Punta Ispuligi, is rich in untouched caves and it is one of those postcard places that are easily accessible for travellers. In fact, we would strongly recommend taking a trip to the Cala Mariolu beach for active lifestyle lovers. Caves, rocks and transparent water made this beach a fascinating attraction for scuba divers and snorkelers.




Swimming Around Mines

Located on the southwest coast, between white limestone cliffs, the bay of Cala Domestica has a bottom of fine sand mixed with gravel and scattered rocks. The interesting part about Cala Domestica, however, is the fact that it is situated in what used to be a mining area. Some ruins are still visible and therefore make it one of only few beaches in the world that apart from beautiful bay also have a piece of history incorporated. Moreover, beach is only 60 meters long and therefore known mostly by locals, becoming a perfect opportunity to experience authentic Italian holidays.




Behind The Eucalyptus

Cala Sinzias is another Sardinian beach worth the attention of every traveller. It is hidden past a small wood of eucalyptuses and recently it was acknowledged as one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Apart from fine, white sand and pale blue water, Cala Sinzias can offer activities for those, who prefer active lifestyle. Beach area is quite windy and therefore preferred on the Sardinia for suffers’, however, on the calm days it is also a good snorkeling location. You might even decide to rent a local boat and explore the rest of the coast from the water.




Rich Fish Fauna and Mountain Climbing

Pure white limestone sand and rock arching out of the water characterize east cost beach of Cala Biriola. The bay area of the beach is very shallow and therefore safe for kids to play in the water, however, at the same time it is also fascinating for travellers in terms of rich fish fauna. Moreover, Cala Biriola is one of the few beaches that can offer active travellers trekking and mountain climbing opportunities.




Phoenician Legends

Most of us have heard about Phoenician boat trips and we can pleasantly surprise you, because Sardinia has to offer a piece of this history. Porto Pino is undeniably a beautiful white beach, but it is also enriched by the presence of typical Mediterranean vegetation along with a pinewood of extremely rare Aleppo Pine. According to the legend, Phoenicians used this particular wood for the construction of their boats.




Stunning Mediterranean Cove

Inaccessible neither by car nor boat, untouched Cala Goloritze is one of the most photogenic shores on the coast of Sardinia. An impressive stone arch straddling the sea and the majestic natural spire enhances beauty of the beach. It is a must-do for the many rock climbers who come to the island.



Sardinian Granite Peak

Located on the outskirts of the city of Nuoro, Monte Ortobene is the granite peak featuring a 7m-high bronze statue of the Redentore (Christ the Redeemer). Granite Mountain is especially famous for rock boulders that resemble human shapes and animals. You might find it interesting to visit Farcana and Solotti Park, which is a site of spiritual meetings and retreats. For instance, statue of the Christ the Redeemer is the center of annual Festa Del Redentore, colorful religious folk festival. Summit of Monte Ortobene is a perfect location to explore the valley and the Limestone Mountains surrounding Oliena. We would mostly recommend taking a trip at the dusk, when peaks of Monte Ortobene turn blush pink.




Sardinian Canyon

Gola su Gorroppu is famous for being the deepest gorge in the Europe and Sardinian must-visit attraction. Mesmerizing panoramic view and complete silence are only some of the reasons to take a trip to this European canyon. Many legends surround Su Gorroppu. For instance, according to one, from the highest point, you can see the stars even during the daytime.




Picturesque Castelsardo

After getting the sun tan on one of the gorgeous Sardinian beaches, hop into the car and take a trip to the picturesque and historic town of Castelsardo on the northern coast of the island. When in the city, spend some time to visit Castelsardo’s castle, which is a principal attraction, after which you might want to have a lunch in one of the local authentic Italian restaurants.




Sardinian Cuisine

All the trips around unique beaches and historical sites can make you hungry. At Epicwander we have established some tips on what to try from local cuisine while on Sardinia. Culurgiones is typical Sardinian pasta with an outstanding original shape and highly preferred by locals. Secondly, consider taking a trip to the closest market for Bottarga, salted, cured fish roe, typically of the grey mullet.

Sardinia even has its own flatbread called Pane Carasau. Sardinians make it by taking baked flat bread, then separating it into two sheets,  and baking once again. Sardinia also offers its visitors locally produced cheese Pecorino Sardo. They make Pecorino cheese from sheep milk, specifically from a local breed and is very rare outside of the island. Lastly, apart from wine in other Italian regions, consider trying Mirto liqueur in Sardinia. Locals traditionally make liqueur from the myrtle plant and is a specialty of the coast.




For the best dishes in the island head to the Ristorante Da Ugo in Castelsardo. Pleasant atmosphere and delicious fresh fish dishes guaranteed. Additionally, consider taking a trip to the Agriturismo S’Ozzastru. It is decorated with a traditional Italian flair and kids are entertained by the variety of animals on the farm. Undeniably Agriturismo S’Ozzastru is bound to offer you very fresh delicacies and remarkably friendly service.


14191237203_ff7f2053cd_bSardinia is an island of vacations, where you can be on look out for coast that fits your personal expectations. After swimming and sunbathing, consider going for a trip to European canyon or visit amazing coastal cities, such as Castelsardo.

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