Impressive mountains and recreational coastline define Liguria as one of the Italian gems. The region was once famous for its medieval borough, whereas now it is a popular holiday location close to French Riviera and other major Italian locations. Therefore, Epicwander suggests you some of the ways on how locals would spend their holidays on the northwestern coast.


Stunning Italian Riviera

As it appears, not only luxurious Monaco is a perfect casino destination. In fact, the Italian city of San Remo, located only 25km away from the French border has its own history of chic holidays and casino attractions. Beautiful scenery makes it no surprise, why Italian Riviera became a home for the mid 19th-century famous European exiles, such as Elisabeth of Austria or Tsar Nicola of Russia. Moreover, San Remo is a home to the annual music festival. Supposedly, it is an inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest. If there is a Riviera




Recreational Coastline

Riviera di Ponente extends throughout the province of Imperia, from San Remo coming up in Ventimiglia. It alternates fine sand beaches and stunning cliffs. Along the coast, there are resorts, famous for the attractions for the attractions but especially for its pure waters. Its mild climate, the tourist facilities, and hospitality establishments distinguish the coast. Due to safe sand beaches and high amount of attractions, we would strongly advise Riviera di Ponente for resort holidays with family.




Medieval Village

Dolceacqua is one of the medieval villages of the Nervia valley and it is placed along the river of the same name. Its oldest part dominated over by Doria’s castle, is called Terra and it is situated at the foot of Mount Rebuffao. However, the newest part of the village called Borgo, is situated on the opposite bank of the river along the road that climbs up the valley. Consequently, Dolceacqua appears to be untouched medieval scenery that will immediately make you feel like one of the characters from Machiavelli or Alighieri books.




Undiscovered Ancient City

The village of Finalborgo is located 3,12 kilometers away from the same town of Finale Ligure to which it belongs. Finalborgo is one of the undiscovered small cities that have a very rich incorporated history. You can stroll around the ancient roads, admire lovely piazza’s and visit an astonishingly beautiful church that definitely deserves the name of one of the most beautiful ones throughout the Italy.




Beach Trip

Undeniably there is a tremendous amount of interesting cultural sites to explore around Italy, but sometimes we just need a day on the alluring beach. We recommend taking a trip to the Varigotti. It is a combination of both – relaxing sand beach and mountains, making it a good option for swimming with a view.




Medieval Fortified Bridge

Millesimo is an ancient village on the banks of the Bormida. The village has a characteristic triangular shape, the center of which culminates the castle and a base of the Del Carretto palace. Millesimo has a rare example of the medieval fortified bridge that has seen many emperors passing throughout the history. It is a must-visit destination for the admirers of medieval history.




Paradise for Kids

La citta dei Bambini e dei ragazzi is the children and young people’s town in the Genoa. It is the place where children can learn about science and technology while having fun. With more than 90 interactive and multimedia exhibits, children put themselves to the test to share a learning experience with the family. In fact, kids can enjoy role-playing games inventing jobs of the future like young scientists, rising journalists and many more. On a family vacation in Italy, your kids will be definitely thankful for such day trip.




Pearl of the Italian Riviera

In addition to being known as the land of sun, sea, entertainment, sport and ‘kisses’ chocolate, Alassio is renowned for its natural beauty that surrounds it and that makes it the ideal destination on the Ligurian Sea. From thriving fishing village Alassio has become one of the most elegant cities of the coast, surrounded by greenery beautiful hill villas and characterized by its nearly four kilometers of quartz beach and fine limestone.




Fishing Village

According to the legend, the romantic tiny village of Camogli, shortening from case delle mogli (‘house of wives’), got its name from the women watching over the town for their fishermen who were away. These days Camogli is a discreet retreat of Italians. For the picturesque hike head to the San Rocco. Camogli might be your perfect vacation destination for an authentic Italian atmosphere and very fresh tasty fish dishes.





Liguria offers a particular range of dishes that you cannot miss. While in the region, make sure to buy locally produced Pesto Alla Genovese, which will become a perfect part of your home cooked Italian meal. If you would like to use pesto as Genovese do, add a few slivers of cooked string beans. You might even want to add a bit of hot water from the pasta pot to dilute the pesto. Secondly, buy a piece of flat oven-baked Italian bread Focaccia. It is highly popular in Italy and you will often find it seasoned with olive oil, salt or herbs. You can often find Focaccia on authentic Italian tables as a side to many meals, appetizer or simply a snack.

Moreover, while walking on the streets of Liguria you can find an example of delicious local street food called Frisceu. It is one of the oldest and tastiest dishes in the region. Frisceu are savory pancakes can enrich different ingredients, such as lettuce, whitebait or dried cod. It is a very common appetizer of regional restaurants.




Osteria del Castello di Cengio Alto is one of the venues that we would recommend for a good dining experience in Liguria. The restaurant combines the modern approach with traditions and slow food culture. Owners focus on encouraging the usage of locally produced products and therefore collaborating with farmers in the region. In fact, Osteria offers rich cultural program including exhibitions, shows, movie screenings and live music. Secondly, we would advise you to visit Agriturismo Rose di Pietra. It combines an art gallery, atelier, farm and family home. Therefore, in Rose di Pietra you can enjoy an organic Italian meal while enjoying art pieces and beautiful hilltop scenery.



Discovering Liguria

Liguria is a coastal northern-western Italian region that is perfect for family holidays. Europeans have not yet discovered it, and you will often find yourself fully involved in the authentic traditional holiday experience. Moreover, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as the previously mentioned venue for kids. Lastly, you will enjoy a vast range of delicious cuisine and organic farm products.

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