A city full of amazing adventures, of many opportunities and chances to take, of people from all over the world, that is what London is today. This city has gone through many changes during the centuries and today it is claimed to be one of the most interesting and amazing cities.
Are you looking for a thrilling experience all around the modern English capital? Then here are a few ideas on the top 10 tourist attractions! You’ll probably discover that you already know some of them but we bet others will come across as completely unknown to you… and we do hope they will blow your mind!

Tower Bridge And Tower Of London.

Tower Bridge is considered one of the iconic symbols of London. You will probably come across many different bridges around the city. However this one really stands out among the others: in fact you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view there. Its engineering is really unique. The bridge connects the district of Southwark to the Tower of London, which is truly worth every penny of the entrance ticket. This castle is considered one of the main attractions of the city. People can see an exhibition of the Crown Jewels and admire the whole structure, which is a fortress in the heart of the city.



London offers a huge variety of museums, so that everyone can satisfy their interests. For instance if you would like to discover what kind of creatures populated the ground millions of years ago and how they used to live, then the National Museum is the right place for you. On the other hand the Science Museum is a great opportunity for the ones keen on the latest technology, since it explores in depth every scientific topic. Victoria and Albert Museum presents the whole history of the fashion industry.

The London Museum offers a complete view of the main events occurred in the capital throughout the centuries. Furthermore you can’t miss the British Museum of course, which is today one of the most famous ones, thanks to the many works of art. To visit all these museums you don’t have to pay anything. On the contrary Madame Tussaud’s could turn out to be rather expensive… But isn’t a photo with the Queen or the Beatles worth it?

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Kew Gardens/Parks.

The Royal Kew Gardens are near the famous and wealthy neighbourhood of Richmond. To start with in the Gardens you can spot several different plants during the year but you can see some of them only in certain seasons. In fact visiting these gardens will be just like an amazing journey all around the world,as you will be able to see both alpine and exotic plants. As far as gardens and parks are concerned, you can take advantage of these to have a picnic in the centre of the town. St. James’s Park, Hyde Park are just some of the many beautiful ones you can go to. Near St. James’s Park you can visit Buckingham Palace and see the Changing of The Guard.imagePhoto credit: Leonard Bentley via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Hindu Temple

Visiting this sanctuary will be a breath-taking experience. You’ll be able to get to know more about this culture and way of life. On top of that the unique architecture really makes the difference: the whole temple is in Italian Marble and thanks to that this sanctuary stands out among all the others. Nevertheless it is still one of the most underrated places in the city, since it is almost on the outskirts of the town, in north-west London. The location is itself quite particular, as from one side of the building tourists can enjoy an amazing view: the spectacular Wembley Stadium.


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Hampton Court

This manor is about 20 kilometres from London and it is a perfect place to visit if you want to spend a day out of the chaos of the city. Since King Henry VIII once owned this palace, he used to spend plenty of time here. Thanks to the audio guides you will be able to have an in depth view of the palace. In fact you will have the opportunity to visit the kitchens, the chocolaterie but also the king’s seat, the Great Hall, the Crown Chapel and many other things. You’ll have a unique experience in the palace and feel the particular atmosphere.

But be careful… According to the legend, the King’s wife’s ghost is still haunting those rooms!!! Just outside the building there are the Royal Gardens, which are worth the visit, and the incredible maze. In conclusion the tickets are rather expensive (about £20) but, since you can spend the whole day there, it seems like a great deal.


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Camden Town / Shopping

Often criticised for its peculiar way of life, Camden Town always surprises its visitors. It is undoubtedly the most colourful, stunning and outstanding part of the city. In fact, when you go there, you’ll find yourself in a completely different world, a place that, despite being a small neighbourhood, really lifts you out of your everyday life. For instance, you can basically find everything there and even ordinary items such as t-shirts and necklaces are very original. The food is itself one of the most characteristic parts of this place: walking around hundreds of market stalls you will get the chance to choose between Asian, African and Mediterranean cuisine.

Otherwise, if you are not keen on having an experience like this, you should probably go for the massive shopping around the well-known Oxford Street and Regent’s Street. Last but not least, Piccadilly Circus will absolutely blow your mind, with its vibrant and modern atmosphere.


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221B Baker Street And The Making Of Harry Potter.

For the ones who are passionate about the most famous English detective of all times, there’s a unique opportunity: 221B Baker Street is now open to the public. According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this was Sherlock Holmes’s address, the place where all his adventures started. Fans will be taken back to Victorian times, having the chance to visit the detective’s house and to enjoy the mysterious atmosphere. Weird objects similar to the ones belonging to Sherlock and his loyal friend Dr. Watson are everywhere.

It seems like London is undoubtedly the place for fans of all kinds… Who on earth wouldn’t like to spend a day like a little Wizard? The Making of Harry Potter is just outside London and there’s even a special bus to take you there. Needless to say, the atmosphere is magic: you can see people of all ages wearing colourful cloaks, drinking butter beer and looking in astonishment at the real broomsticks used in the set.


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South Bank

The south bank of the river Thames is one of the most dynamic places in the city. Here you can have a walk and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. The streets are full of different cafes and places to have a break. You can see the London Eye which offers an amazing view of the entire city. Moreover you can visit other tourist attractions: the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are quite near. In conclusion, another place of interest is surely Westminster Abbey.


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Globe Theatre

While walking down the south bank, you will easily find the Globe Theatre, or Shakespeare’s Globe. After a big fire had completely burnt in down, the Londoners built it again. Because of its main structure, people call it  “the wooden O”. This was the place where Shakespeare’s theatre company used to set up plays. Today tourists passionate about theatre have the amazing opportunity to watch some of the most famous Shakespearian plays here. They can feel as if they were right back in the 16th century.


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Millenium Bridge

Finally you can have a walk on the Millennium Bridge. This is also called “wobbly bridge”, because of the swaying motion people felt the first time they’ve walked there. In fact, it opened for the first time in 2000, but then, since improvements were necessary, it closed until 2002. Moreover, it is entirely in steel, it is a suspension bridge that connects the Bankside to the City of London. Going there at sunset will be an extraordinary experience: the amazing view is something rare. Admiring St. Paul’s Cathedral and the surroundings at that time of the day will be something you will never forget.


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