Maybe you have experienced it before: travelling to your dream destination after months of excitement and preparation, only to realize there’s not much to see or do besides the hotel’s swimming pool? Yeah, we know that feeling too well. Fear not – that’s where we come in! We are the spices in your chili, your sun on a rainy day, the small umbrella in your coconut drink. We are simply here to make your journeys Epic!

Discover unique experiences for you travels, created and provided to you by locals from your destination. You are only a couple of clicks away from your most Wanderful experiences yet. Don’t worry though, it’s not rocket science. To make your travel Epic, just follow these steps:

1. Search & Discover 

Find locals that offer services or products that fits your personality and lifestyle. Maybe you have already figured out what makes your interest and curiosity spark? Here you can find tours, activities, lessons and much more that lets you experience cultures and traditions like never before. All provided by local people, or in this case – experts.

  2. Connect & Reserve 

   Once you have found that hidden treasure or      activity that makes you all hyped up, send a        message and connect with the expert                providing it. It doesn’t have to be too formal      or long, but a nice message to confirm your        travel dates and other details. After that          should pay 12% cancelation fee and the rest        should pay on arrival directly to the host.

3. Travel & Enjoy

Now that you have made all your preparations, it’s time to embark on the adventure of your life! You can still maintain contact with your expert, and when the day comes you hang out and let them show you traditions and culture like you have never experienced it before. You will feel so inspired that the hotel’s swimming pool will be a memory long forgotten!

4. Commissions

In consideration for the use of Epicwander’s online marketplace and platform, Epicwander charges the Service Fees (Commissions 12%).

The Traveller after receiving the invoice must pay the commission in 3 days.

5. Cancellation Policies

In order to protect traveller’s and local’s interests, on Epicwander we offer three types of cancellation policies (Flexible, Moderate and Strict). According to the flexible cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel your activity one week before. Moderate policy will allow you cancellation two weeks before the activity will take place, whereas if you have strict policy, you are allowed to cancel the choice only three weeks before it happens, or you will lose 12% cancelation fee.

Are you interested in becoming a local expert? 

Learn more about how you can provide activities and services of your own choosing on Epicwander, and share your knowledge about your country, hobby or passion. It’s a great opportunity to find like-minded friends and earn money doing the things you love. On Epicwander – you are the expert!