Everyone is an expert of something they really like to do!

There is a joy of sharing knowledge, experience and skills and meet like-minded people.

  1. List Your Experience

    You are welcome to list unique experiences, activities, tours, practical services or professional networking or skills on Epicwander! Whether you’re offering a traditional tour or an unexpected local experience in your grandmothers village or your hometown underground parties, maybe you want to share your skills of arts and crafts, or music, dance, yoga anything you love to do so much, it’s free to list an xperience. When you’re ready to start welcoming travelers, you can publish your listing for the world to see.

  2. Get Reservations

    Firstly, edit your calendar settings to set prices and availability. Travelers who love your experience will want to book it! On Epicwander, you will receive reservation and you will get e-mail with all booking information. Contact the traveler and confirm all the details he needs.  Be sure you provided all information about the experience, when and where you will meet, how they have to prepare for it. Be sure to provide safety and security as much as possible.

  3. Welcome Your Guests

    Once you have a confirmed reservation,  and details it’s time to welcome your guests! Be sure you are always on time and provide a high-quality experience to every traveler. Have an amazing experience with incredible travelelers!!

    Don’t forget to create your Paypal account and get paid through it, or get paid directly on arrival.

Finally you have found your dream job!

If you still have questions or need help in registering or listing services you are always welcome to contact us 24/7.

E-mail: info@epicwander.com

Tel.: +37065090150

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