Alcazar & Cathedral Tickets

Top “must to do things” in Seville!  Purchasing the Skip the Line tickets with us would enable you to scape the long and frustrating lines to visit the Cathedral and Alcazar as well as the landmark of Seville, la Giralda.


  • Skip the line tickets for the Cathedral and Alcazar
  • Hassle free visit
  • Flexible times

If you have little time and would like to see it all without having to wait in the long line we can arrange it for you! We will purchase your skip the line tickets for the Cathedral, the biggest Gothic building in the entire world, and the Alcazar, the most elegant building in the history of Seville.

You will have the chance to climb up the tower Giralda, which was during almost 1000 years the tallest building in Seville and enjoy unbeatable views over the sky line of the city.

Right next to it, the beautiful palace of Alcazar is the place where you can wonder at its exotic art and architecture. Its exotic gardens offer such a nice break from the city and invite you to stay and contemplate life. You can see the fusion of different styles such as Islamic art, Morrish details as well as Gothic influences in these monuments and trace back the history of Seville. The gardens of the Alcazar are a perfect example of the Persian as well as Islamic architecture and resemble the ones of Alhambra in Granada. It’s a good idea to spend more time there and even take a nice book and sit down to contemplate the peaceful ambiance.

You will not have to wait in a long line as with a booking number that we provide you, you can easily enter any of these monuments. What is even better is that the duration of this visit will depend on you and you will not have to rush through them.. Generally we recommend at least 2 hours for the 3 of them. First you will the visit of the Alcazars which has got a set entry time and then the Cathedral as well as Giralda. Last visit can be the Giralda that has got an easy ramp to take you right to the sky, above almost any other building in Seville.

With the reference number that we provide you, you can simply enter the magic of those buildings fast and hassle free. The buildings are right at the heart of Seville in the charming neighborhood of Santa Cruz or the former Jewish Quarter so that you could combine it with any other tours such asRooftop Walking Tour or a Panoramic Walking Tour.


  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 5.30pm, Sundays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm



  • Entrance tickets to the Alcazar & the Cathedral


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Alcazar & Cathedral Tickets
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