See The Amber Water Road On A Hot Air Balloon

About the experience

Would you like to retrace the ancient Amber Water Road from a peculiar perspective? Discover these lands from above, by an hot air balloon!

A spectacular experience is waiting you. We will fly over Neumunas, Vistula and Daugava Rivers, over cities and villages, getting unforgettable views and fantastic impressions. A beautiful flight with a “baptizing” ceremony and your first flight certificate.

Season starts from May and ends at the end of October. If the weahter let us to do it, sometime we fly in winter as well. The hot air balloon flight completely dipend on meteo situation ( cloudiness, rainfall, visibility, wind speed, etc) and the forecast is usually available 3 – 7 days before a flight. In summer balloons fly in the morning (5am-9am) and evening(6pm-9pm); in autumn and spring, morming flights start a little bit later (8am) and evening flight earlier (4pm).

The average duration of the hot air baloon flight is 1 hour, bu the whole process lasts for up 3 hours (preparation before takes off about 20-30 min., flight 1 hour, packing the balloon after flight, first flight certificate and champagne time 30 min.).

With one balloon, we can fly with min. 2 persons (€ 280 per flight) and max. with 7 passengers (€ 100 per person). For larger groups, we might use more balloons at the same time.



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Birštonas Kaunas County LT
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Local expert

See The Amber Water Road On A Hot Air Balloon
I am Zydrunas. In more than 25 years, I've gained 1200 flight hours' experience! I've flighted over Alps, in Ballooning events in most European countries, US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. I still organize and participate at ballooning events as enthusiastically as 20 years ago. Since 1989 I'm a member of the Ballooning Club Audenis: we are 9 pilots and it will be a pleasure for us driving you in this extraordinary experience.

What is included:

- Insurance of the passengers;
- passengers' retrival;
- instruction before the flight;
- flight;
- first flight certificate;
- champagne.

How many persons can participate for the price:


Maximum persons:

7 persons

Minimum persons:

2 persons

For additional price you can get:

Two passengers' price is €280 per flight.
Max. 7 passengers' price €100 per person (with one balloon).
Bigger groups are available with many balloons (20/30 persons).


Lithuanian, English, Russian, Italian, Polish.


2 hours


It is better to wear trousers, jacket or long-sleeved shirts (preferably from flameproof material), "clunky" shoes and have leather gloves. An hut is suggested too.

Cancelation policy: