Try Level 1 Freedive to 10 meters in Amed with Sam

Fathom Freediving Bali
Try Level 1 Freedive to 10 meters in Amed with Sam


Level 1 Freedive course will be conducted on 2 days course. On the first day, I will share with you about some basic theory about freedive. Normal people like us, with no exercise can actually hold breath up to 3 minutes, it is all in your mind! In the morning we will share breathibg workshop and theory, freedive physic and physiology.

Calming the mind by breathing exercise will be essential on this day. You might feel the uncomfortable feeling at first, but try to calm you mind and it will be gone.

In the afternoon, the theory will be about some basic equipment to freedive: fins, mask and snorkel also about pressure in the water and also about mammals dive reflects to show that our body can actually survive and adapt to the environment in the water.

Your lungs, heart, blood everything inside the body will adapt to the pressure and do what it needs to do to survive and feel good. So, you don’t need to worry at all!

After theory, on the first day, we will jump into the water at the ocean and try the first freedive with rope goes down to 10 meters. Some people might feel nervous, some people might feel it is easy. But, you can always try and see how do you feel and improve.

On the second day, we will do some more theory how to be a better freedive and then dive down again to 10 meters and do some snorkelling after that. Super fun!

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Jalan Amed
80852 Bali ID
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Fathom Freediving Bali

What is included:

Basic theory about freedive, how to breath and calming down you mind with breathing exercise and equalization process.
All gear included (freedive fins, freedive mask, a snorkel)
No certification on this course at this moment, but you can have the ultimate experience going down 10 meters with no tank!

How many persons can participate for the price:

1 person

Maximum persons:

4 persons

Minimum persons:

2 persons

For additional price you can get:

Additional 30$ for transport from Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Ubud
Additional 15$ for lunch 2 days
Additional 35$ for one night stay accommodation in Amed (for 2 persons)




2 days 1 night (2D1N)


Swim suit is major, anything else based on your need and maybe mosquito repellant will help to protect you at night, if your skin is sensitive to mosquito.

Cancelation policy: