Try Level 2 Freedive to 20 meters in Amed with Sam

Fathom Freediving Bali
Try Level 2 Freedive to 20 meters in Amed with Sam


3 days full course about the theory and practise to dive down to 20 meters without a tank.

Practise and theory additional to empty and full lung streches, coached in water static breath hold session, concept and understanding about free fall from 15 to 20 meters and more indepth theory and extra topics about lung streches, and more details about deep safety.

Do you know that holding breath is natual for all of us, yet it’s healthy fpr your mind too! Naturally it is easy for us to go down 20 meter holding breath, the only problem for most people is related to equalization practise. Equalization helps naturalize the pressure on the ears, as we also learn on Level 1.

What’s magical about going down deep for 20 meters is to experience the tranquality and that peace you can’t find anywhere else.

Stay calm and go down deep!

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Jalan Amed
80852 Bali ID
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Fathom Freediving Bali

What is included:

Full course on the theory and practice for freedive to 20 meters.
Freedive gear (fins, mask and snorkel)

How many persons can participate for the price:

1 person

Maximum persons:

3 persons

Minimum persons:

1 person

For additional price you can get:

30$ for transport from Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Ubud
15$ lunch during the course (2x)
35$ per night accomodation (room)




3days 2nights (3D1N)

Cancelation policy: