Balinese Purification at Beji Ida Ratu Niang Sakti

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Balinese Purification at Beji Ida Ratu Niang Sakti


Beji literally means “fresh water spring”, unlike the common spring water, Beji Ida Ratu Niang Sakti is believed to cure people. Most Balinese and locals, also some expats often come to take bath and pray for purification. Jro Mangku who will lead the procession says that the water from this spring is blessed. So it is able to cleanse, and pure not only physical but also mental. People comes from different places seek for the cure to their illness. Jro Mangku believe that the illness was made by other people, using sort of black magic. Not only that, Jro Mangku believes for those who often take bath, and cleans themselves in this pole will be blessed with prosperity and love.

The session will start with personal conversation with Jro Mangku. He can “see” what’s inside us, so often we can just talk out loud to him about how we feel about our life. Continue with lunch and then trek down to the spring. When we arrive at the spring, we will pray and then have a bath. The bathing will be lead by Jro Mangku, by showering the head and the back side of the neck for several times. At the end of the session, Jro Mangku puts incense ash on the third eye. And then we will walk back to the warung and have some Lemongrass Ginger tea. Gorgeous closing!

Jro Mangku believes we should come there 6 of us. With him, become 7. “Seven” in Bahasa means “Tuju,” it reflects the word “Tujuan” means “The purpose.” So he believes if we come 7 of us together to the Beji, all of our wish will come true.

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What is included:

Pick up and transport from Sanur, Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan and Ubud area.
Balinese traditional lunch with the most delicious Ayam Betutu in Bali.
Refreshing Lemongrass Ginger tea.

How many persons can participate for the price:

1 person


English, Indonesian


6 hours


Must wear Balinese traditional temple clothes.Bring one pair of normal clothes for change after the purification session.

Cancelation policy: