Blue cave and Vis island

Blue cave and Vis island



Stiniva is one of the most famous Vis bay, and it is certainly the most unusual shape. It is located on the south side of the island, bordered by high cliffs that leave only four meters narrow entrance from the sea. After passing through this “door” opens a beautiful rounded bays with pebble beach. Stiniva of the 1967 law protected natural monument, probably in the past resulting collapse of the arch of the cave. The bay is a restaurant, and next to it is possible to reach by boat or on foot.

Certainly among the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic. Extremely bright and shiny sand that the strong sun knows and overheat, and always pleasant-chopped, western kurenti chilled Sea, Zaglav is one area of Vis, which you regularly returns in dreams. Fifteen-minute walk in the sun opaljenoj footpath from Milne forget you when zatrčite vast shallows and cast into the sea. Shade is only on a small terrace of the restaurant, or more than five hours in the afternoon beach is slowly falling into the shadows.

Ravnik is legally protected uninhabited island on the southeast side of the island, right next Budihovac. On the island of unusual shape, reminiscent of a penguin lying on her stomach, is Green Cave, a deep hole on the south side of the island.


The cave is a cave abrasion and has two wide entrance and is it possible to get something bigger boats, and was named after the greenish glow of the sea, which is the result of a multitude of green algae. At the top of the cave is an opening through which the sunlight, creating the sea of beautiful effects. Ravnik is also known as nesting colonies of seagull. In the 2nd World War that are found shelter small warships.

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